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 Davids Application

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Date d'inscription : 2009-12-22

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PostSubject: Davids Application   Davids Application Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 3:33 pm


- Game Name: Davids
- Main Jobs: PLD WAR SAM BRD RDM (BLU60)
- Support Jobs: BLM WHM THF NIN
- Past Linkshells: HellHeaven (Dynamis)

- Dynamis Progress: All cities and beaucedine, miss Xarcabard and dreamlands
- CoP Progress: Done

- Merits: 250+

- Can you join both run? Yes I think.. I'll say the leaders when I can't come at a run
- Af you want the most: PLD Body; RDM Head, Body, Hands, Feet; BLU Body, Head, Legs; SAM Hands.
- Af you already have: WAR Legs; PLD Head, Hands, Legs, Feet; BRD Head, Legs.

- Who can vouch for u in TDG?: Arcy, Marco, Ryaline Razz
- Goals with our linkshell: Meet new good ppl to friendship with, and obtain good gears too.
- Personal message: "I'm the son of Liberty!" (MGS)
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Davids Application
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