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 Kamila app

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Date d'inscription : 2010-02-15

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PostSubject: Kamila app   Kamila app Icon_minitimeMon Feb 15, 2010 3:59 pm

- Game Name: Kamila
- Main Jobs: BLM RDM
- Support Jobs: WHM DRK
- Past Linkshells:

- Dynamis Progress: Sandy win onry ><
- CoP Progress: Finished CoP in general, havnt done a CoP Dyna area though.

- Merits: General 2/5 MP. BLM: Ice acc. Thunder Acc. Burst II, Freeze II. RDM: Slow II, Para II, Phalanx II

- Can you join both run? Yus
- Af you want the most: RDM!
-Af you already have: None Sad

- Who can vouch for u in TDG?: Maybe Ghaleon coz of all the free retraces!
- Goals with our linkshell: Meet new people, have fun and get gears~!

- Personal message:

I'm a university student in the United Kindom. Grown and born in London but my ethnicity is Filipino. I drive a motorbike for any riders out there! My main objective in this game is to defeat all the big names, and events. Over coming Dynamis is one of them Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Kamila app   Kamila app Icon_minitimeMon Feb 15, 2010 5:46 pm

Come tomorrow for Dynamis Sandoria please.
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Kamila app
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