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Date d'inscription : 2010-03-26

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PostSubject: Lordsyndicate   Lordsyndicate Icon_minitimeFri Mar 26, 2010 5:07 pm

- Game Name: Lordsyndicate.
- Main Jobs: Dragoon, Paladin and Corsair. (BLU as a work in progress)
- Support Jobs: WAR, SAM, NIN, BLU, THF. (working on RNG and later WHM)
- Past Linkshells: RelicWings.

- Dynamis Progress: Shadow Lord downed on Fairy, no progress in dreamlands.
- CoP Progress: at 7-5 Tenzen fight.

- Merits: 16 Merits spent mostly for DRG as it is my prefered main job, but I mostly go PLD for RWs in Dyna and can do so here too without any problems nor complaints.
- Can you join both run? Yes I can, without any issues.
- Af you want the most: Mirage (BLU) not too interested in relic armor appart from a few pieces, I simply enjoy dynamis.
-Af you already have: 2/5 Valor (head,hands) 2/5 Commodore (Hands and chest) 1/5 Mirage (hands)

- Who can vouch for u in TDG?: Zulos if anyone Razz
- Goals with our linkshell: To have fun and experience more end-game content than what my current shell can provide me with.
- Personal message: Nothing special realy, dedicated swede who will be able to join you on all dyna runs. I am however paired with Airanwen so see her application for more info on her.
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