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 Hirune app

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Date d'inscription : 2010-05-25

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PostSubject: Hirune app   Hirune app Icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 2:08 pm

- Game Name: Hirune

- Main Jobs: Smn,Rdm,Brd,Sch

- Support Jobs: Whm, Blm, Blu, Nin, Sch

- Dynamis Progress: Now Started 3 Countries

- CoP Progress: 5-1 The Enduring Tumult of War

- Merits:
Brd Nightingale,Troubadour
Smn Summoning skill 8/8 Geocrush 5/5 Magic Attack 5
&some another points

- Can you join both run? Yes

- Af you want the most: Duelist's Chapeau ,Duelist's Armor ,Summoner's Attire

- Af you already have: Nothing & Begining.

- Who can vouch for u in TDG?: Finalpico

- Goals with our linkshell: have fun, and enjoying to ebullient future.

- Personal message: Hello evelyone.l ives in Tokyo JAPAN.English can be understood somehow. But I love Cross-Cultural communications. please play together and fun.
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Hirune app
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