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 FFXI & Vista... Good PC, SLOWWW FPS?

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FFXI & Vista... Good PC, SLOWWW FPS? Empty
PostSubject: FFXI & Vista... Good PC, SLOWWW FPS?   FFXI & Vista... Good PC, SLOWWW FPS? Icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 4:06 pm

Alright so I managed to get FFXI on my work PC for if I am needed online for whatever, or if there is a lot of downtime at my job and I don't feel like trolling BG forums for 3 hours. However, my PC seems to really suck when it comes to FFXI, my old PC back in Canada from 2000 runs it better.

Here are the specs of my PC, maybe someone can help me improve my 5-10 FPS in ffxi?

Windows Vista Business
Intel Xeron 5130 @2.00GHz (4CPU's), ~2.0GHz
3582 MB RAM
Direct X 10


NVIDIA Quadro NVS 285
Integrated RAMDAC
1640 approx MEMORY

Any ideas? I am stumped. My PC can run Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and many other programs at the same time without crashing, but I can't play ffxi? something is't right, any help is appreciated!
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FFXI & Vista... Good PC, SLOWWW FPS?
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